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Goddess Wellness

Come relax, take a seat at your throne.

Believe you’re royalty, because you’ll be treated like it at Goddess: Wellness Spa. At our facility we understand how stressed
the world has become, and we are on a mission to relieve our clientele of that issue. Did you know that 52% of respondants in online work surveys said they are experiencing burnout? You may very well be one of these people.

Here at the beautiful Goddess Wellness Spa we hold ourselves to the virtue that all of our clients be treated like royalty.
Coming to our spa you will be immediately greeted by our professional and cordial staff and be walked through an uplifting environment set by waterfall fountains, gorgeous exotic house plants and saltwater fish
tanks. Our in-house mixed tapes of exclusive ambient tracks will be playing softly overhead, designed with specific frequencies that instill relaxation throughout the human body.

We offer an array of services, such as facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and more by our in-house dermatologist. Various therapies can be found here including our popular ultrasound therapy: a noninvasive treatment in which sound waves are used to penetrate soft tissues, increasing blood flow to key parts of the body. We also offer
various massages, such as Velashape and Cryoskin, unique names in the cellulite and fat loss massage industry. Here at Goddess, we work in non-surgical solutions for body sculpting with amazing results. Coming to
our spa will ensure that burnout problem you’re having, will disappear guaranteed — or your money back.

In choosing our spa, we assure and guarantee that you will be feeling pampered and uplifted,

Like a Goddess.