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Qigong: Move and breathe like the monks from the East

by pureinspirationalenergy

Qigong is reaching more and more people today as an alternative form of exercise that heals the body through movement and breath. The art has received recognition in the scientific world and studies have found that it can influence the body in many surprising ways. It has been reported to ease depression and lethargy, lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, lessen pain and inflammation, increase immunity, fight infections, and improve a person’s overall quality of life. These claims are quite massive but be assured it has an audience that is passionate about sharing its benefits to the world, and monks have started to record Youtube videos to share the art with the world.


The first Buddhist Patriarch Bodhidharma, Da Mo, first popularized Qigong when he travelled to China from India to share the art during 502-557 A.D. Considered the ancestor of the Chinese Chan Zong sect of Buddhism, it later spread to Japan became known as Zen meditation, which is very well known today. Mindfulness is a key element in Qigong and a calm mind is one of the key factors in its ability to lessen stress. Meditation is taught to be extremely important as it trains the mind to direct energy, or the “Qi” in Qigong. Combining the movements of the body, the breath, and the awareness of the movement of Qi in the body makes the core foundation of the teachings. If one can synchronize these three things one is on their way to becoming a master. Practicing meditation allows one to visualize and feel these subtle energies and the body and allows one to heal themselves. Yan Xin Qigong is known as a meditation-based form of Qigong that one may practice which accentuates meditation as a primary goal.

If you want to be healthy and live to a hundred, practice Qigong.
Dr. Mehmet Oz

I’ve chosen a video for you that I’ve personally used many times as a daily routine that has definitely filled my body with oxygen and I felt very lively after the practice, for those that want to exercise at home or in their backyard instead of running around the block these exercises are absolutely a perfect choice.

20 Minute Qigong Exercises

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