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Hello to the wonderful people who have found my new website! You’re incredibly important to me as you’re one of the first visitors who are seeing my new work in progress! This website has been a dream of mine to create, as I’ve been meaning to start a business in the inspiration field for some time. This site is for those who like articles that give a sense of upliftment and good vibes while read, and I plan to have them range from not only inspirational messages but articles about travel, health and wellness, mindfulness, and financial freedom as well.


Behind every article is an attempt to curate an experience that should inspire something within you, so often times I will write something and end it with a question like so:

PURE INSPIRATION: Will you enjoy exploring my website today?
Pure Inspirational Energy

Not always is it going to end in a question like that, but rather a question that may inspire you to create change, do something nice for someone, or instill a motion towards a brighter day. If they do, I’d love a comment down at the bottom of the page (I love to check on them).

An Inspirational Message:

Often times we are on the hunt for something that motivates us to do better. Everybody has challenges and I as a creator (and one who has had them) recognizes this in everybody I meet. So I strive to create content that no matter who you are, and what your beliefs may be, you can learn something new and feel good from what you’re reading. Its something I’d love to see in everything, from the news we watch to the various media we consume from the nearly outdated cable TV shows, to Netflix, to YouTube, etc.  

In this site you fill find multiple categories all containing information and ideas that not only will uplift you but should leave you with information that you can use. I check to be sure when I post an article that it contains information that is useful and often times I will go back and edit these posts as I believe care should be taken in articles, instead of throwing them up just to get traffic flowing through. I appreciate feedback, and this site’s main email is:

—-> purevalue1111@pureinspirationalenergy.com <—–

If you have any questions about the content or would like to add something of your own, for example: If it’s an article on a location and you live there, I’d love to feature what you have to say about it in an article, as everyone would love to hear advice from a local. If you happen to be this person, definitely reach out to me and I’ll edit the article with some information and link your own social media if you want!

From here I am going to list all of the categories and what to expect to find when looking through them. At the top of the website you will find numerous tabs leading to the following categories:

The World:

In this category I will post various topics on the state of world affairs, travelling plans and destinations, top locations to visit, and much, much more. This posts will be continually edited with information about the places they describe and I will include hotel and restaurant recommendations, activities and recurring events in the areas, as well as stories and legends that I find or are sent in to my email mentioned above.


Here I will post a wide range of topics including spirituality, religion, meditation techniques and clinical studies pertaining to them, manifestation techniques, and much, much more. This is a category I plan to fully fill out first as I believe its one of the most important things needed to be shared in the world today. The world has been under a lot of stress and in my beliefs it is essential that all people be taught methods to calm themselves and free their minds in a neutral, care-free setting. I will include many inspirational ways of reaching a state of peace and tranquility as well as personal accounts from me, people I know, as well as people I find on the internet (as well as the fans who submit to the email above.)


In this category you will find all kinds of various content with the goal of creating a feeling of inspiration. This is for those who need a little boost of energy and want to read something really profound. I include quotes from famous people including: Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Alan Watts, Epicurus, Democritus, and other well established thinkers throughout history. I also include here videos and clips of humanity’s shining moments of kindness and warm-hearted acts of compassion and grace. Here, if you need it, you will find something to uplift your spirit for the day.

Health and Wellness

Here you will find many articles on the idea of health and curing disease, as well as various wellness exercises that deserve attention to the masses. Vegan and vegetarian recipes (including smoothies and other tasty treats) and exercises such as yoga, qigong, and forms of deep breathing are found in this category. Articles on the effects of modern society on health, such as the relation between stress and cortisol and EMF frequencies on the body’s systems will also be found here. I love feedback, tips and ideas for this and I plan to create a forum in the future for those who want to inspire others to get into their best version of health and vitality for 2021.

Financial Freedom

In this category you will find articles all about making money from home as well as alternative jobs that will supply income to your household for 2021. I’m sure to look through these methods and be certain that they will provide you the income you need, at least minimally on the supplemental level and beyond. Topics will include cryptocurrency and trends, job opportunities, affiliate marketing and tutorials, sites offering giveaways and prizes, as well as links to other sites and offers with training courses so you can learn new skills in how to create abundance for you and your families.

Social Media Links:

I appreciate you reading this and if you are interested I will link all of my developing social media platforms so you may keep in touch with the various projects I am working on! Thank you for your time!

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